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Facilities & Asset Management

√  HVAC Maintenance
√  Electrical Systems Maintenance
√  Plumbing Services
√  BMS (Building Management Systems)
√  ELV (Electrical Low Voltage) Systems
√  Energy Management
√  Generators
√  Minor and Major Civil Maintenance
√  Water Tank Cleaning 

Predictive Maintenance (PM)

The MNOW.FM by Lexzander team is well versed in identifying weaknesses and threats long before they result in a catastrophic breakdown. It is through this knowledge that we are able to prevent potential breakdowns and by doing so save client's both stress and capital by limiting, or even nullifying, the effects of such threats.

Reactive Maintenance (RM)

We are always ready to step forward and advise on unaccounted for problems as and when they show up. By recommending rapid and cost-effective remedies to such issues MNOW.FM by Lexzander will continually prove its worth to clients both old and new.

Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM)

MNOW.FM by Lexzander's mission statement is to provide the highest quality in facilities & asset management services and due to this a focus on PPM has been nurtured and developed. With this focus MNOW.FM by Lexzander not only maintains or repairs facilities, but also works to ensure their future longevity through best-practice techniques and pre-emptive maintenance.

Emergency Call Out Service

MNOW.FM by Lexzander's teams are available on-call to ensure that their client's needs are satisfied, and that emergency issues are dealt with and resolved within a reasonable and acceptable lead time, thus minimizing down time.


Enterprise Facility & Asset Management System
‘End to end facilities management software that simplifies complex operations, aids cost reduction and improves efficiencies”.

eFacility is a modular facilities management system. With 19 modules, it works together with your business and allows day to day management of processes with automation. The software provides a management dashboard for critical analysis with enterprise wide control in an intelligent way which aids to increase overall efficiency.  

√  Maintenance management
√  Facility booking
√  Helpdesk & knowledgebase
√  Payroll management
√  Space management
√  Visitor management
√  Human resources
√  Time & attendance
√  Tenant billing system
√  Cafeteria management
√  Smart facility App
√  Energy dashboards
√  Travel requests management
√  BMS/BAS integration
√  Mail room management
√  Smart building controls
√  Patrol management system
√  Project management
√  Instant feedback system 

√  Integrates various process and procedures onto a single, intelligent network-based software solution.
√  Centralized repository for all the property’s assets, monitoring of budget/expenditure, maintenance records, management reports with KPIs etc.
√  Enhance the response to tenant’s feedback/response. Automated tracking thereby improving customer service.
√  Optimize operating/running costs.
√  Improve staff productivity as the system can intelligently search for data more expeditiously, providing the staffs with more time to focus on other key issues.
√  Multi-site and multi-organization concept:
Site wise concept for multiple sites implementation using a central server. Facility managers view data from any location by simply choosing the respective site/location from the dashboard. Privileges to view, add or modify information can be defined and mapped to each and every user and the same can be set against the site(s). 


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