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Lexzander LLC was formed in 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A consolidation of platforms in Engineering & Construction Management, Global Procurement, Facilities Management and Asset Management Technologies, Lexzander LLC is a pioneer in bringing strategically promoted platforms under one house to deliver maximum efficiency to its clients.

With stakeholders possessing an abundance of experience regionally and internationally, Lexzander LLC is well equipped to understand and deliver on the challenges, opportunities and insights to ensure successful delivery across our high momentum and growth geographic coverage. 

Lexzander LLC’s defined entities and divisions operate independently, to ensure optimal focus and attention to client needs and project successes. 

Our Values
Realistic | Integrity | Creativity | Delivery | Commitment | Experience | ROI

Engineering & Construction Management 

At Lexzander we contribute by adding value through participation, representation and working with techno-commercial proposals that are key to success. We foresee challenges that have cost & time implications, forecast a realistic scenario by assessing projects, their elements, and working with teams to ensure maximum efficiency, output & ROI.
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We have built a global network to cater to the competitive and quality conscious market that is present in the region. Our supply chain platform works with manufacturers directly and eliminates the margins that are made by middlemen or distributors which ensures a significant pricing advantage for our clients. We specialize in materials such as aluminum doors & windows, timber doors and windows, HVAC systems, sanitary ware, lighting, drill bits, to name a few.
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Facilities & Asset Management 

Our facilities and asset management services provide flexible, customized, reliable and cost-effective solutions to a variety of building services needs, with superior quality products and attention to detail. Key elements that influence and add efficiency, optimize energy consumption and in turn minimize running costs is the primary objective of Lexzander’s solutions.
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Our Commitment

"At Lexzander we offer tailor made solutions that complement the current economy, market and its growth potential with a clear road map. We consciously strive to understand, analyze the end user requirement and work out solutions that are customized and result oriented.

Being customer centric with cost effective solutions is Lexzander’s uniqueness, and we pivot our teams to their core strengths and deliver.

Backed with 35 years of regional & international experience, expertise and having worked through the socio-economic challenges the region has gone through and is currently going through, the leadership at Lexzander is well equipped to develop and deliver timely strategic plans our portfolio base looks for."

Sekhar Reddy Vangimalla
Managing Director  

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