“We believe in creating effective and sustainable business platforms for our clients and partners in the region”


We leverage our experience to inspire, propel and create effective and sustainable business platforms for our clients and partners in the region.

Our expertise extends to corporate, marketing, communications, and market development strategy conceptualization, engagement and execution whilst we leverage, and project manage our associate company partners as required for creative development, media planning and buying, public and investor relations, financial restructuring, organizational design, risk management, as well as sales and distribution management. 

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Business Analytics


Financial Services Consultancy


Corporate Strategy & BD Consultancy


Media Development & Management


Trading Ventures


We keep things simple! Each of our strategic locations operates as a profit center and provide the group’s core with the expertise in its specialization. Our philosophy of providing cost-effective operating models for our own and clients, are tailor-made for the unique cases each represent.

Our operating models include medium to long term interim management solutions, short to medium term project-based assignments, or professional mentoring, training and development programs. 


We create the utmost value with our bespoke portfolio approach to strategic decision making and advisory. Our comprehensive approach examines the fit, impact and structure, in order to optimize human capital, processes and governance.

Our long-term and forward-looking approach to Marketing Strategy covers all the necessary touchpoints needed to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Our industry professionals come with an abundance of experience in their respective areas of focus, and our solutions are tailor-made for our clients’ unique requirements for success.

We add structure to our clients’ outreach activities. Our comprehensive solutions touch upon all the necessary media sources to get our clients’ message across. With an in-house digital media marketing resource, we don’t just plan, we execute!

Everything from product range, impact and profitability studies are covered by us. We at Lexzander have the in-house capability to build and develop our clients’ unique market entry and development strategies. Our offering extends to 3rd party auditing of studies conducted/concluded.

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